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Verse 1
Here I lie
In your arms
Safe and warm
Here I am
Here I'll stay
By your side
'Til break of day

Verse 2
Here by you
I know love
Covers us
Here you are
Here you'll stay
By my side
'Til break of day

Verse 3
You and I
Travel far
In our dreams
Here we are
Here we'll stay
Side by side
'Til break of day


Verse 1
There was a terrible still on the earth that day
Another good man passed away
And we just turned and carried on
And felt the hole from where he'd gone

And if I ever stopped and cried
About that man
The man that died
I really can't remember when
Or where I was
But it never ends

Verse 2
Lying on the blood stained ground
All was quiet, not a sound
And people came and looked down
Said it shouldn't happen in this town

Verse 3
And then they took his soul away
Buried the body, took him away
And we have memories that live on
Stronger now, now that he's gone


Big fast cars
A friend of stars
Money by the case
Loads of fun
In the sun
They all know my face
But it ain't like what it seems
I'm a legend in my dreams.

They all know
Where I go
And who I'm going with
Lots of style
See my smile
Don't you love showbiz
But it aint in real life scenes
I'm a legend in my dreams.

But I know
I got no dough
What I got ain't mine
Got no hope
Just a dope
I ain't doin fine
I ain't got no hill o beans.. .but
I'm a legend in my dreams.


Verse 1
It's a long lonely mile
Home from your door
So hold me now
Just once more
A long lonely mile
To walk tonight
But I must go
Before daylight
It's a long lonely mile
That I tread
Wending home
From your bed
Your smile is here
It's in my heart
It stays with me
When we're apart


Verse 1
A simple man
Had a simple song
He liked to sing
Whilst he went along

Verse 2
The song he sung
Went just like this
When will you
Give me your kiss

Verse 3
And as he sang
The tears will flow
As he told about
The girl he'd known

Verse 4
And now you
You come to me
Say it's over
Wanna be free

Verse 5
And now I am
That simple man
All alone
In a lonely land

(Repeat last verse)


Verse 1
A small rain
Passed over
Flattened all the corn
I hold you
Close to me
I'll keep you warm

Verse 2
No sunshine
No showers
No light from above
We'll sideline
The hours
Can hurt our love

Verse 3
The sun came
And warmed us
Dried out our clothes
I hold you
Close to me
Till daylight goes

Verse 4
On cold nights
I'll give you
Shelter from the storm
Till morning
I'll hold you
I'll keep you warm


It's Saturday night
And I can't pull
Gonna do it
Against the wall

Verse 1
Who needs roses
Who needs flowers
Who needs making love for hours
Who needs you
Not me brother
If you won't do it
I'll get another


Verse 1
All I want is you
And you can't be true
What more can I do
I'm so in love with you

Verse 2
All I want is more
I'm knocking at your door
But you think it's war
What do you think I'm for

Verse 3
All I need's inside
Why do you wanna hide
You're like poison to my pride
But my hands are tied

Verse 4
Now I gotta go
And all I hear is no
Won't you let it grow
Cos I don't want to go


All night long
People crying
All night long
People dying
We had to watch
To keep the fear at bay.

All day long
We were praying
All day long
We were saying
Keep us safe
Keep the fear at bay.

All my life
I've been waiting
All my life
Was hesitating
I'll be free
I'll keep the fear at bay.


Verse I
Smoke from another roof
Another family flies
News shows them on the road
The weakest have all died
The big boys run around and
It always is the same
People suffer, people die
While they play war games

And it's all so easy
We're not the ones to die
We watch it on the TV
And see our brothers die

Verse 2
Tears from children's eyes
We've seen enough of those
Does it really matter
Cos they wear funny clothes
Another starving baby
It always is the same
People suffer, people die
When we play war games

Verse 3
Another night is over
Another life is gone
How can we mourn them
It just goes on and on
God help us all to
The harm and the pain
That always seem to follow
When we play war games


Verse I
And so it ends
It's time to go
Leave the stage
Close down the show

And it's all in the programme
I saw it in the script
You are the only winner
I'm the one who's whipped

Verse 2
And so I leave
Walk out the door
No good staying
Not needed no more

Verse 3
And I love you so
Tears begin to flow
Got to get to the door
But I can't see it no more

Verse 4
And I loved you deep
And I loved you strong
What am I to do
Just can't go on



Verse 1
Another child dies
And the world keeps turning
A president lies
And the truth keeps burning
I look in your eyes
And I see the yearning
You can't hide
You can't hide

Verse 2
An old man cries
And the people just pass by
A little hope dies
And no-one really tries
Another prayer dies
And the skies are empty
I can't hide
I can't hide from you


Verse 1
One day you'll come to know
Just how I love you so
Through dark and lonely nights
When daylight always came too soon
And we had love

Verse 2
But now you' ye gone away
And here I gotta stay
Locked in my lonely life
Remembering nights of fire
When we had love

Verse 3
Please come back soon
Lighten up my gloom
You are my sun on high
Remember the life we d
When we had love


The angel of death
Is on my shoulder
The angel of death
Is your real name
I want a life
I wanna get older
I won't play
Your losing game

Verse 1
You come to me
And you see
My life is going well
But all the time
You are lying
You are taking me to hell

Verse 2
I'm gonna go
And you know
You won't see me no more
No more your lies
No more lying eyes
Prom life's little whore


Verse 1
There have been times
So hard to heaven
Times when we were
Blind and couldn't see
But through the years
Through all the tears
You've always been
An angel to me

Verse 2
So now we walk alone
In days of heaven
Happiness and love attend
For all to see
No more tears
No more fears
For tomorrow belongs
To you and me


Verse 1
They told them they would go away
To work for peace in Germany
They told them work would make them free
They took them to the railway yard
They always made the dying hard
They worked by day so everyone could see

They took the bent and the young
They took them at the point of gun
They took them to a place in the wood
They stripped them bare
They shaved their hair
They said they were only doing good

Verse 2
They took my mum, they took my gran
They took them to another land
They killed them both without a second thought
So don't you pass that veteran by
Make sure you can look him in the eye
He was prepared to do or die
It was for you they bled and fought


Verse 1
As I walked out
One mid winter morning
I heard a noise
Inside my head
Don't come back
I heard the warning
She goes to
Another man's bed

Verse 2
I stopped and stared
A fear came to me
How could I
Be so blind
Was my love
Another man's lover
Had to look
If I was to find

Verse 3
And look I did
And found them walking
Arm in arm
Through the night
I didn't think
I was done with talking
I found a rock
And put out their light

Verse 4
And now I sit
In Folsome prison
Just a number
On the wall
No hope now
I shouldn't have listened
All hope gone
I'll take the fall


Verse 1
Give me your
Bad love
Don't ever seem
To get enough
Give me your
Bad love

Verse 2
I need your
Bad love
Need it now
Times are tough
Give me your
Bad love

Verse 3
I want your
Bad love
I need to get
All that stuff
Give me your
Bad love


Verse 1
You've gotta
Heart like glass
And a big fat ass
Head like lead
But you're good in bed
When you walk
You're body talks
Says hold on tight
Ride all night

Verse 2
You've gotta
Great physique
I've had a peek
Luscious lips
Sexy hips
Smile like a star
You're going far
But not with me
Can't you see
I've got another
Who's a better lover


Verse 1
Billy thought he was the king
And he wanted just one thing
How he needed Betty-Lou
He new just what he should do

He'd gotta love that girl
Love that girl so much
Gotta hold that girl
Melt her with his touch
She's all alone
Standing there
Golden lights
In her hair

Verse 2
Betty knows what Billy needs
Gotta love things very close to greed
But Billy stays by the wall
Can't he see she'd give it all

Verse 3
Then one day they came together
Don't have to be very clever
Rock and roll on the floor
Billy wants to give her more

Verse 4
And so they squirm the night away
Keep on at it til break of day
Don't need no math, no geography
I'm OK if you're here with me

Verse 5
And so they go and boost a car
Drive real bad and don't get far
Billy gets taken off in chains
Betty-Lou gets labour pains

Verse 6
And so it all comes round again
Little girls and little men
It ain't done at point of gun
Or is it kids just having fun


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