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Verse 1
I'd like
Just some more
Some more
Of that stuff
It makes me
Feel better
I can't get

Verse 2
I'd like
Just a little
To help
Me through
Why won't
You give me
A little
Of you

Verse 3
I'd like
Some more money
Can't get
My needs
Are so simple
Why is it
So tough

Verse 4
Give me
Those greenbacks
That you have
To spare
I'll give
You all
That I have
To care

Verse 5
I live like
A pauper
I work like
A slave
Why won't you
Just help me
I need to

Verse 6
Just one more
Instead of
And I'll go


Verse 1
Only lovers know
What I've been through
Trying to
Keep up with you
But you move on
You don't look back
See the train
Down the track
Come back
Oh come back

Only love can set me free
Only you have a hold on me
Won't you please set me free
I love you, oh can't you see

Verse 2
You don't care
If I live or die
You see me
You don't ask why
Can't you see
I'm gonna cry
Can't go on
Can't live a lie


Verse 1
Onward band of brothers
Sisters march along
Don't accept rejection
Join us in our song
Tomorrow is a new day
We know that it's ours
Sweep away the old ways
Let us use our power

Verse 2
Onward band of brothers
Sisters join us too
We don't like what we see
We don't like what you do
Tomorrow and the next day
We'll knock down the walls
Built to keep the young out
Cheer them as they fall

(Repeat Verse 1)


Verse 1
I need to see your legs girl
Right up to your hips
I wanna taste your essence
From your other lips

Verse 2
I need to hold your body
Right up close to mine
When I feel your passion
Then I'm feeling fine

Verse 3
I want to get inside you
Climb inside your head
Get up off your knees girl
Get into my bed

Verse 4
Now we move together
In perfect harmony
I know you come here often
And always with me


Verse 1
You say you never meant to
Never meant me harm
You say you always love me
Tried to keep me warm
But I now know better
I know what you do
The one who broke my heart
The one who's never true
I could have done it better
If you'd have showed me how
So all I've got to say to you is

Please leave me now
Leave me now
Please leave me now
Leave me now

Verse 2
I could try to keep you
But I don't know how
There's only one solution
You've got to leave me now


Verse 3
I'm gonna get another
I don't care how
Go home to your mother and
Please leave me now



Verse 1
I don't care what they think
I know that I'm pretty in pink
Let them look, let them stare
I'm the one with love to spare

I'm in the pink
In the pink
What do you think
I'm pretty in pink

Verse 2
The boys want to get their hands
Up around my no mans glands
The girls all spit and curse my name
But my oh my, what a shame!

Verse 3
There's something 'bout the colour pink
It makes you all stop and think
What you think I don't care
I know what I wanna wear


Verse 1
I have been this way before
To a land without a name
Seeing in my dreams
A country without pain
And you are always there
With me hand in hand
Won't you come with me
To our promised land

And love me
Love me
Oh won't you love me
Love me
Love me

Verse 2
I have been this way before
I have seen it in my dreams
Heading for the sunrise
Like a king and queen
And you are by my side
Together to the dawn
I see your face and know
In you I am reborn



Verse 1
I've got a slow burning love for you
I know what I wanna do
Gonna wait until dark
Take you over to the park
Prove that my love is true
Prove that my love is true

Verse 2
I've got a head full of dreams of you
I know what I wanna do
Gonna wait til you're alone
Gonna come and take you home
Prove that my love is true
Prove that my love is true

Verse 3
I've got a heart full of hope for you
I know what I wanna do
Gonna love you through the night
Gonna ball until daylight
Prove that my love is true
Prove that my love is true


Verse 1
Puba Cuba
You are such a
Sexy mover
Puba Cuba
With you
I'm not a loser
Puba Cuba
In you
I find my powers
Puba Cuba
I love
Your golden hours (showers)

Verse 2
Puba Cuba
You're an ace
Velvet skin
Beautiful face
Puba Cuba
I cry and fall
Puba Cuba
Against the wall
Puba Cuba
Heaven sent touch
Puba Cuba
Can't you see
I love you so much

Verse 3
Puba Cuba
Cry and moan
When I
Get you alone
Puba Cuba
I know
You've got the skill
Puba Cuba
I know
You bend my will
Puba Cuba
Lie here with me
Just let
It be


Verse 1
Some people say I like to dream
I like to dream too much
But things aren't always what they seem
I guess I miss your touch
In the lonely hours of the night
When I'm tired and all alone
I remember after a fight
You'd pull my wishbone

Many times I think of you
Many times I cry
Pulling my old wishbone
Always got me high

Verse 2
When will you walk through the door
When will you come home
Every day the hurt gets more
I'm tired and all alone
My eyes are filled with tears for you
My love for you has grown
Come back and we'll start anew
Pulling that old wishbone


Verse 1
I'm just a little toy to you
You pull my strings
You know you do
You hold my life
You know you do
It's true
It's so true

But when I come home
Tired and beat
Head full of pain
Dead on my feet
It's you
Always you

Verse 2
I need you to hold at night
Arms around me
Good and tight
You give me
What we know
Is right
It's true


Verse 1
I know that you've been hurt before
I hear that you have cried
But hold on to what's dear to us
Our love hasn't died
I know that you have been down before
I hear how they lied
But remember that I love you
I love you deep inside

So put me to the test
Why don't you
Put me to the test
Of all the guys
Who want you
You know that I'm the best

Verse 2
I know that I've got my faults
I know it in my soul
But just look at the love in me
You know you've got it all
I know the road is tough ahead
With many traps and turns
But just believe my love for you
It's so hot that it burns



They're puttin' it about
That I don't know
Where you're puttin it about
They think I don't know
Where you go
When you're goin' out.

You're puttin' it about
Around my friends
I don't put it about
You think I care
Here or there
Where you get it out.

You put it about
Behind my back
Why you put it about
You're no friend
You're doin it again
So I'm puttin you out.


Verse 1
City heat
Much too high
Work too hard
Start to fry
No more shade
No more beer
Want to get
Away from here
Don't want the day
Don't want the night
Just give me
The rhythm of the night

Rhythm of the night
In my ears
Come with me
Leave you fears
Hold my hand
Hold me tight
And we'll see
The rhythm of the night

Verse 2
You're so cool
Defuse me
I'm no fool
I can see
Cold white sheets
By your head
Staying cool
In my bed
Don't want the day
I love the night
Stay with me
In the rhythm of the night


Verse 1
They keep you down
On the ground
They crush you with their heal
Every day
In every way
They like to hear you squeal

Rise up
Rise up
Rise up and follow me
Rise up and follow me
To victory

Verse 2
They're so old
What do they care
Do they even
Know we're there
What can you lose
If you break free
So why not come
And follow me


Verse 3
And then some time
Not far away
You'll look at me
And we'll say
A better world
Is what we made
We can't be
No-one's slaves


Verse 1
All I want is rock and roll
And sex in the trees
I don't need no Beethoven
I'm easy pleased that's me

Verse 2
All I want is lots of dosh
And sex in the sand
I don't want to work too hard
In a grey and dismal land

Verse 3
All I want is rock and roll
And sex in a car
Don't know where I'm going to
But I've gotta go far

Verse 4
All I want is rock and roll
And sex all through the night
I'm gonna need to practice
If I'm every gonna get it right


Round and round
I'm always chasing
Up and down
I follow it
Inside out
I can't keep waiting
Can't you see
I'm out of it

Verse 1
Beautiful morning
Beautiful sunset
Beautiful evening
Beautiful day
I can't help
The way I'm feeling
The way I'm feeling
Ain't OK

Verse 2
Screwed up morning
Screwed up evening
Screwed up sunset
Screwed up day
Can't you see
I'm not healing
Can't you see
I'm not OK

Verse 3
Crapped out lifetime
Crapped out dreaming
Crapped out nightime
Crapped out day
Can't you see
I'm tired of living
Can't you see
My last day


Verse 1
You say you love me
You say you always will
You say you need me
I always pay the bill

But in the evening
Life is less complex
I know you need me
Need our secret sex

Verse 2
You say you'll leave me
You say you'll get another guy
You say you will chuck me
But give it another try


Verse 3
I hold you to me
I hold you through the night
I'll hold you forever
Make everything alright


Verse 1
You are just another schoolgirl
Doing your homework
But do your Mum and Dad know
At night where you go
Your eyes get so wild again
Your skirt so so short
Now you are the queen again
Sexy sixteen.

Verse 2
You sit and learn from 9 til 4
But man when school is out
You know what your body's for
You're gonna let it out
Of f comes the drab again
Of f come the heavy shoes
Now you are a queen again
Sexy sixteen

Verse 3
Boys get cool instead
When you walk across the floor
Tongues still in their heads
They all want some more
Let's go play the game
In the dark you take more
Now you are a queen again
Sexy sixteen


Verse 1
Shelley met Dean
One summer night
Wired a car
Gonna be alright
Cruise right up
To the hills
See the view and
Get some thrills

Shelley and Dean
Roll along
The Interstate
Don't hurt no-one

Verse 2
A little kiss
A little sex
Dean says girl
Whadda we do next
Shelley combs
Her golden hair
Says I'll drive
We're going nowhere

Verse 3
Come the day
They need to stop
Got no fun
Ain't got a lot
See a guy
In a liquor store
Rob him blind
Should've got more

Verse 4
Coming up
In the rear
Flashing lights
Loads of fear
Pull a gun
End up dead
Should've washed
The pots instead


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