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Our love,
You've gone and brought it down
In dust,
Just when I needed you
So much,
Kicked me when I'm down
You must,
Know how much I miss
Your touch, ''.
You made me
Knight for a day
Took me away
Things that you said
Alone in your bed
Things that I do
Remind me of you
And me.

And now,
I wander lonely streets
No town,
Is big enough for me
A sound,
Can move me to tears
I've found
No peace on earth for me
I'm down,
But ''.. chorus


I ain't got time to scrimp and save,
When it comes to thrift
I give it short shrift
I like life to be sweeter,
I guess I was born....
For La dolce vita.

I ain't got time to make and mend
When it comes down to clothes
I want them in droves
I buy my perfume by the litre,
I guess I was born...
For La Dolce Vita.

I aint got time to stumble along
When it calls from above
I take lots of love
Forbidden fruit is much sweeter
I guess I was born...
For La Dolce Vita.


Verse 1
Lavender's blue
Billy Billy
Lavender's green
When you are king
Billy Billy
I'll be your queen

Verse 2
In time to come
Billy Billy
We'll have it all
Loving each other
Billy Billy
In fields of gold

Verse 3
For I love you
Billy Billy
More than my life
Will you one day
Billy Billy
Make me your wife

Verse 4
Lavender's blue
Billy Billy
Lavender's green
You are my king
Billy Billy
Can I be your queen'


Verse 1
It's been a month
Since I went away
And I wanted
You to stay
Our love affair
Just ain't for me
Now it's time
To set me free
It is time
That you should know
Won't you please
''' Let go

Verse 2
For four long weeks
I've been free
And I've found
A better me
I loved you once
But I don't now
Let me show you how
There's just one thing
You should know
Now it's time
''' Let go

Verse 3
You'll find love
Wait and see
Find someone
Better than me
You'll forget
Forget my face
Go and live
Another place
You've gotta learn
That I must go
You've gotta just
''' Let go


Verse I
Don't hold back
Don't put up a fight
Stay by me
Put out the light
There is something
You should know
Tonight's the night
Let yourself go

Verse 2
Don't save it
Til you're old
Passion lost
Is passion cold
There is somewhere
You must go
Tonight's the night
To let yourself go

Verse 3
Now it's time
And we're alone
No-one here
No-one at home
You've got something
You need to show
Tonight's the night
To let yourself go


Verse 1
I watch you sleeping
As I head for the door
I know that you love me
But I can't take no more
Forgive me as I leave you
In sorrow and in tears
Come tomorrow I'll be
100 miles from here

Verse 2
Think of me kindly
When you think of me
I just couldn't take it
I need my liberty
You know that I love you
I thrilled to your touch
But I had to go
Things have got too much

Verse 3
In dreams I see you smiling
Holding onto me
If it could have been different
I'd want it to be
But I know that I'd hurt you
I couldn't settle down
Think of me and smile
Your lonely losing clown


You cut me to the bone
You say you wanna be free
You say you're leaving home
I'm gonna be left like a fish in a tree.

You don't like my flat
You don't like my car
You say I'm getting fat
I'm feeling bout as welcome as bee in your bra.

You say I'm no fun
You say I just can't see
You say that I'm a bum
I'm headed down the slope like a pig on a ski.

I've had enough of you
I've had enough of lies
I think we are through
You're about as welcome as a turd in my pie.


Verse 1
She said no
I don't want him
I don't want him
But wherever I go
You pull him out
Let him look

Lil' white snake
He likes to peek
Lil' white snake
He likes to sneak
Up and down
The marble stair
He wants to see
What's up there
Lil' white snake
He smiles at you
You know what
He wants to do

Verse 2
She said maybe
And he thought
This meant
He'd get some sport
Stood up straight
To sniff the air
He knows what
Is hidden where

Verse 3
She said yes
Just watch him go
Not on top
But down below
Over under
Sideways down
He knows how
To get around


Verse 1
Little foxes
In the garden
Little foxes
In my hair
Little foxes
By the school gate
Little foxes
Wearing lipstick
Little foxes
Wearing tights
Little foxes
Round my doorway
All around midnight

Verse 2
Little foxes
Come inside
Little foxes
Come too near
Little foxes
Drinking sunrise
Little foxes
Drinking beer
Little foxes
Looking sexy
Little foxes
Looking good
Little foxes
In the bedroom
Do me no good

Verse 3
Little foxes
Smiling sweetly
Little foxes
Little foxes
Just doing
Little foxes
They know best
Little foxes
Gotta leave now
Little foxes
Gotta go
Little foxes
You're too young
And man don't I know


Verse 1
In a corner of my room
I've made a little shrine
Offerings to make to you
Cos I need you to me mine

Verse 2
In a corner of my heart
I've made a little space
An empty room neat and cold
With just a photo of your face

Verse 3
In a corner of my life
I've made a little time
Can't ever get no rest
Til you are completely mine

Verse 4
In a corner of my eye
I've made a little view
Don't wanna look at me
I only wanna look at you


Fast and loud.

You think I've got it all
You think that I'm happy
You think my life's a ball
You think that I'm laughing

CHORUS Each four lines starts quietly and gets higher and louder

But you can't see
The pain in me
Look closer Look closer
And you will see

My eyes cry for you
I'd die for you
You know it's true
I lo_ove you.

You think I always play
You think I don't know tears
You think I play away
You think I got no fears.

You think I live a game
You think I am the sun
You think I don't know pain
You think that I'm having fun


Verse 1
Lost in a world without you
Lost and you know it's true
Oh what can I do
Never find another you

Can't find you now
Can't find my home
Can't work out how
I'm all alone

Verse 2
Can't you hear me call
Can you do nothing at all
I'm up against the wall
Trying to save my soul

Verse 3
And wandering through the land
Never find a helping hand
Like a grain of sand
Help me make my stand


Verse 1
Love falls softly round your head
Falls soft as snowflakes on your bed
I breathe and kiss your sleeping eyes
My love is real, no alibis

And you know the way I love you
I've loved you from the start
You know how I love you
Love you with all my heart

Verse 2
Love sits softly on your face
I don't want to be in another place
You lie sleeping in my bed
And thoughts of love fill my head

Verse 3
I want to star in all your dreams
Enter your life on moon beams
See you tomorrow in dawn's light
Whilst you're with me I'm alright


Verse 1
I see you and you see me
Oh my baby come to me
I just can't hold out too long
I've gotta love that's good and strong
Relaxez vous here with me
My brand of loving will set you free
I'm gonna love you like no-one can
I'm gonna be your loverman

Verse 2
Come to me by my side
You ain't got nothing to hide
Hold on tight and don't let go
Follow me nice and slow
Bob and dip upon my bed
Relax and just use your head
I'm gonna love you like no-one can
I'm gonna by your loverman


Verse 1
All the days
And all the towns
Guys like me
We get around
Lots of nights
Too many days
Girls they go
Girls they stay

Hey you there
You look so cute
Come and play
My magic flute

Verse 2
Another hotel
Another town
Guys like me
We get around
Some play drums
Some play bass
Some girls just
Get in my face

Verse 3
You and me
Me and you
Let's think up
Some things to do
Some place quiet
Some place still
Some place you
Can get a thrill


My midnight miracle
Is coming for you
My midnight miracle
Will make it all come true
My midnight miracle
Is waiting for you
My midnight miracle
Will show you what to do

Verse 1
All alone I tossed
A long lonely night
Alone in my bed
Couldn't see the light
And I couldn't get you
Out of my head

Verse 2
All night long
I dreamt of you
And all the things we did
The way I was strong
Then I'd come to you
I'd know what to do

Verse 3
When you are here
I just grow
You know what I mean
When you are here
I know that you
Like Jack's magic bean

Chorus x 2


Verse 1
Mouth to mouth
Chest to chest
North or south
You're the best

Verse 2
Head to head
How it goes
How we it
No-one knows

Verse 3
Toe to toe
In the night
Close the blinds
Put out the light

Verse 4
Eye to eye
We both know
Here we are
Never go

Verse 5
Me to you
You to me
Slip and slide
It's meant to be


Verse 1
Once is not enough
With a girl like you
Once is not enough
Oh you know it's true
I need your love
Like a flower needs the rain
I need your love
To help me kill my pain

Verse 2
Once is not enough
Can't you hear me cry
Once is not enough
When you say goodbye
I need your love
Like the trees need the sun
I need your love
You were the only one

Verse 3
Once is not enough
I'll love you til I die
Once is not enough
Why do you make me cry
I need your love
Like I need the air I breathe
I need your love
Can't you feel my need


Verse 1
Once upon a time there was
Once upon a time
A little girl I called my own
And she was mine
But time it came and took here heart
It took her heart away
Now upon a time I stand
But it's so far away

Verse 2
Once upon a time I loved
Once upon a time
Now the girl I loved is gone
But memories linger on
It all seems so far away
So far in the past
Once upon a time there was
A time when we left


Verse 1
One a girl
Two a girl
Three a girl
Five a girl
Six a girl
Seven a girl
Eight a girl
Nine a girl
Nine a girl
I'm a coming for you
But I won't say when

Verse 2
One a night
Two a night
Three a night
Five a night
Six a night
Seven a night
Eight a night
Nine a night
Nine a night
Nights spent with you girl
You don't ever want to end

Verse 3
One a day
Two a day
Three a day
Five a day
Six a day
Seven a day
Eight a day
Nine a day
Nine a day
When day comes to wake us girl
You won't need no other men
When day comes to wake us girl
You won't need no other men


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